The Corning Museum of Glass is home to the best and largest collection of glass in the world—and recently, we partnered with Red Bull and stunt motorcyclist Aaron Colton to experience the beauty and fragility of glass as no one ever has before: on two wheels at high speed. Along with his custom-built all-electric motorcycle, Colton zipped through the galleries, appreciating floor-to-ceiling contemporary sculptures and interacting with glass science exhibits. He lit up the Amphitheater Hot Shop with his daring stunts in tandem with the Museum glassmakers creating a red bull out of molten glass hotter than volcanic lava. This “bull-in-a-china-shop” ride on a thrilling night at the museum not only highlights the beauty of glass, but Colton’s own artistry as an athlete, culminating in an unexpected and somehow perfect pairing.

Here's the video! The full Bike Builds episode is accessible here. The riding sequence through CMoG starts at 21:33. Hear from Colton himself here.

Learn more about the Corning Museum of Glass here.