Travel in 2021 may look different than in years’ past, but it is happening and can happen safely. Check out the five tips below for hassle-free holidays.


Destination Selection

Choose low-risk destinations with high impact. Look for destinations that specialize in nature and enjoying all that nature has to offer (including tasty beverages!). Include outdoor excursions on your itinerary and ensure that all indoor attractions have plans to comply with COVID guidelines. We do!


Vaccination and Testing

Take steps to ensure your health and safety and that of those around you. The COVID vaccines are widely available. Finger Lakes is open to all. Attending large-scale events and highly trafficked attractions may require that you show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID PCR test. Full details are available online.


Plan Your Itinerary

Call ahead and review online information for the attractions you plan to visit and other sites and attractions you want to visit. Determine if the winery, brewery, or distillery you expect to visit requires reservations. If you’re traveling with others, be sure to note new policies for accommodating groups.


Remember COVID Essentials

Travel with a COVID care package: disposable masks, hand-sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. All locations in the Finger Lakes have prepared “opening” plans that keep the health and safety of our visitors and staff in mind. These plans all require masks and socially distancing.


Limit Unnecessary Interactions

Remember to bring all necessary medications, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements that you may need. An easy way to avoid unnecessary interactions at your destination is to avoid a trip to the local pharmacy for essentials you forgot to pack. Note your daily actions before you pack and think through your daily steps as you’re filling your suitcase.


Traveling in 2021 will take a bit more thought and planning, but your experiences in the Finger Lakes will be worth it!


Check out the CDC’s recommendations too!