Choosing the best option to ramp up your business and boost your bottom line can be a daunting process. Attending the Chamber's annual Business Expo, on October 6, is one of those ways. Consider these reasons to attend ... and then register!

  1. Meet prospective customers. Carefully plan what's on your table and the messages you use on signage. People are there to stop by tables and talk to people. Make your table interesting! 

  2. Check out your competition. Wandering is part of the Business Expo. So is chatting with those who attend. This is the time to ask questions ... of everyone, including your competition.

  3. See the actual state of your industry. You've read the reports. You've heard the news stories. This is your chance to see if the reports and stories match what's actually happening in your area. 

  4. Test your messages. Are people stopping at your table or do you have to actively engage people as they wander by? If you do, your messages aren't grabbing them. Try out a couple of messages. It's ok for you to ask questions of those who stop by your table too. Which message makes the most sense to them? Ask them about the images on your signage and literature too!

  5. Meet community leaders. Business owners and elected/appointed officials are all good people to know. Introduce yourself. Find out what areas are important to them. Let them know what is important to you as their constituent. 

  6. Use it as a perk for staff. It's been a long season, coming off of a really tough 18 months. Attending the Business Expo on behalf of a company is a perk and a special experience for your staff and gives them a broader understanding of how you market your business.

  7. Enjoy. Talking about your business should be fun. Talking about it with others who understand the issues and challenges you're facing may even be therapeutic! Consider the Business Expo an opportunity to relax and invest in yourself, your mental health, and your business. 

REGISTER for the October 5, 2021, Business Expo