My name is Brittany Gibbs. I'm the Tourism and Marketing Manager at the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce, and this is our very first blog post!

Some of you might be asking - what is a blog anyway? Well, you can think of a blog as a journal, made public. Ours will be a combination of things but at its core, our goal is to inform, enlighten, and of course, entertain! I plan to share information, stories, insider tips, and more with those who know and love Watkins Glen and Schuyler County - and those who want to get to know it better!

Right now the plan is to post once or twice a month - we don't want to inundate you or overdo it. But of course, as things start to move along, we may share more often. Chamber President & CEO Rebekah LaMoreaux may also post on occasion, so be on the lookout for her here as well.

Do you have an idea for a post? Questions about something we share? I'm only an email or phone call away and I encourage you to reach out! My email is and my my telephone number is 607-535-4300.