It’s budget time in New York State. We’ve elected representatives to speak on our behalf. We've asked them to make decisions that will impact our lives in personal and professional ways. Are you sure they know what you want? Are you sure they know what is important to you? Are you sure they know what you need them to do -- and to support -- so that you can be successful?


If the answer is not 100% yes to all of these questions, mark your calendar for two events in March.


Small Business Day is on March 17 and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) is celebrating with a virtual session with elected officials. Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce members are invited to register for free.  


On March 24, the NFIB will host a second session to discuss what’s happening in Albany as New York State representatives start the negotiation process for a proposed $216 billion budget. NFIB will provide an overview of what’s included is this proposal, what’s not included, and the policies impacting New York’s business community moving forward. Each Chamber has a limited number of seats for this session, so please register early to secure your seat.