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I-Lead Program

the base for workplace success

What is i-lead: The Base for Workplace Success?

I-lead is a two-semester course taught at the Watkins Glen High School (WGHS) in collaboration with the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce. Broken into eight distinct units this course delves into the foundations of business, management, and personal leadership development.  The units include: Who are you?; Time Management; Communication; Survival; My Team; Money Management; Marketing Me; and My Community.  In addition to these units being taught by the WGHS business teacher (historically beloved educator Kaz Popovich), the Chamber arranges for local business owners/leaders to teach and speak about specific components of the course as well as providing information about business and leadership opportunities in the community.

What is the purpose of the class?

This course is meant to prepare students for life after high school and college, focusing on the soft skills necessary for succeeding in the workplace.

Why does the Chamber offer this class?

It is within the Chamber’s mission to make a strong connection between our students and the local business community. I-lead serves as the vehicle to make that connection. Additionally, the course fosters the development of a student/business community mind-set, makes a significant investment into the emotional and professional intelligence of our students, and allows us to teach our students soft skills that are necessary for their future success and are not taught anywhere else. Please note that this class is driven by the current needs of the business community, and it is flexible enough to meet the needs of an ever-changing workplace and market.

How long has the class been offered at WGHS?

Since the 2016-2017 school year.

How can you get involved?

Reach out to Nigar Hale, Executive Director of the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce at or at (607) 535-4300.