Burr Consulting, LLC

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Spencer, NY 14883
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Our mission at Burr Consulting, LLC is to provide each client with an individualized and strategic approach to all their Human Resources needs. Burr Consulting, LLC’s offers you affordable Human Resources Consulting for both profit and not-for-profit organizations that will provide you, your managers, your supervisors, and your employees the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tools to strategically align HR as a partner for the success of your business We provide quality consulting, including strategic planning, training, payroll solutions, union negotiations, handbook and policy creation, and more that are custom designed for your organization’s needs. Our affordable pricing and years of strategic human resource experience will provide a tremendous advantage to your organization. Accommodating first, second, third shift workers and weekends, personalized to your business’s needs, Burr Consulting offers a highly qualified consultant who understands the local needs of your organization and your employees.