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Earthy Imaginations

2286 Texas Hollow Road
Odessa, NY 14869


Earthy Imaginations represents my passion for nature & creativity which I incorporate into my work for aesthetics and environmental awareness. I am Erin Dobell, an artist, pastry chef, & nature-lover originally from northern New Jersey, now nestled in the beautiful Finger Lakes and enjoy repurposing natural elements, giving them new life and offering others an opportunity to appreciate nature in a pleasing way. My suncatchers, a signature creation, incorporate local driftwood balanced with glass and crystal beads, gemstones, and other natural details. My work covers a wide range including woodland wreaths & arrangements; pouring resin settings of natural things such as mushrooms & flowers; building terrariums; pressing flowers; sculpture; designing mosaics from my overflowing collection of broken glass; mushroom photography; sewing; painting; jewelry creation and soy candle making. Foraging for natural components and creating works of art gives me joy, peace, and tranquility and it is my sincere hope that when you wear clothing or jewelry I have crafted or hold a piece of my artwork in your home, that it brings you joy, peace, and tranquility, too.