H & H Financial Group

221 Prospect Hill Road
Horseheads, NY 14845
(607) 739-3702


H&H Financial Group provides financial planning services to both individuals and their family as well as business owners. With two office locations in the Finger Lakes, with a combined total of 8 partners, our team is suited to meet your financial planning needs. Whether you're a young professional who is trying to find a healthy balance between debt and saving for the future, an experienced business owner looking to transition to retirement, or anywhere in between, we can help you. Through our 6 step planning process, we help to uncover where you are at today, where you wish to be in the future, and how you might get there. We are like the GPS in your car, helping to plot your road trip from NY to CA - what route do you wish to take, what planned stops do you want to make along the way, and what will you do when there is a detour? We will help you create a strategy you are confident in, understand, and is flexible enough to account for adjustments as your needs change. Remember, the road is shorter for those who know the way.