Orpheus Chorale of Hornell

8 Rural Ave
Hornell, NY 14843


Our community is blessed with many talented singers and has a long tradition of choral music, including the Christmas cantatas and Memorial Day Concerts. For most singers, however, these performances and local church choirs offered the only opportunities to share and enjoy vocal music. In the autumn of 2006, a dream and vision that had been forming for many years was finally realized. A grassroots choral group with specific musical objectives and aspirations was organized. The vision for the group was to create a singing environment meant to stimulate the participants and promote choral singing, with a firm commitment towards excellence, and a constant striving for superlative choral technique. To accomplish this end, some of the most talented voices in the Hornell and surrounding areas were recruited. The result... the Orpheus Chorale of Hornell, NY.