Quintus Gallery

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Life is not a straight line, but zigs n’ zags. I began as a free lance artist to educator to coach to gallery owner. Today I create and sell artwork in studio/gallery setting. My process is unique in that I begin by writing a quote on to the canvas before painting.  Form there I allow my intuition to guide me. Once a composition begins to emerge, I put on my designer hat. Like jazz, the two improvise to create a harmonious painting. All work is displayed and for sale at our lakeside  gallery. We enjoy visitors and are open to the public by appointment.

As an artist my  commitment is to craft beautiful fresh, personalized works of art for homes and workplace interiors that inspire joy and prosperous lifestyles. When commissioned, I work closely with my clients to imagine a work that is defined by attitude and color, distinct and  different, yet all reflective of who they are. 

Email us at: QuintusGallery@gmail.com