Member Benefit: Marketing the Region

Visitor Center(s)
The Chamber manages two Visitor Centers located in downtown Watkins Glen and the Watkins Glen State Park. In 2021, 62,000 + visitors inquired about our community, places and events and were greeted by visitor center guides that serve as community ambassadors. Our goal is to promote the Watkins Glen area and deliver the best visitor experience serving as a gatekeeper to our community. The State Park is visited by over 1,000,000 tourists per year and the welcome centers perform a vital function to educate visitors on the assets available in Schuyler County. 

Explore Watkins Glen | Schuyler County Travel Guide 
The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce publishes an annual Schuyler County travel guide that highlights our region as a destination. With an average annual print run of 80,000, this publication is distributed throughout the northeastern U.S. with a targeted reach within a five-hour driving radius to our community.  The digital version of the Travel guide is available on that generates 10,000 + views per month.

Familiarization Tours (FAM Tours)
The Chamber coordinates FAM tours with travel & tourism journalists, writers, and influencers to promote the visitor experience and create awareness of our unique assets and products. These Familiarization tours promote our region and allows for the sharing of information with their readers/followers. These public relations professionals represent the domestic and international tourism markets. 

Direct to visitor e-newsletter
The Chamber produces a quarterly e-newsletter sent to people have requested information about our region. The email message directs readers to the Chamber’s website for more information on tourist-related topics, including places to stay and things to experience in our region. 

Blog | Share your content
The Chamber maintains a blog, hosting the information on The blog is written to encourage tourists to consider visiting our region and will point readers to members offering a product or service relevant to the blog topic. Guest bloggers are welcome, with the expectation that content speaks to tourism, visiting the region, and includes specific information and details that support points made in the blog.

Regional Marketing Investment

Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance (FLTA)
Through financial support of the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance, we partner with one of the region’s longest standing destination marketing organizations in the U.S. working to enhance and promote visitor businesses in the 9000 square-mile Finger Lakes region.  In addition, Schuyler County lodging businesses and members benefit from Jack Rabbit Book Direct, a lodging search engine that facilitates fast consumer search for accommodations via the Chamber’s website. 

Finger Lakes Wine Country (FLWC)
Through financial support of the Finger Lakes Wine Country Association (FLWC), Schuyler County is represented as part of the five-county regional collaboration of this area’s positioning as a top-of-mind brand in the northeastern U.S. FLWC does this through an integrated marketing program which includes a robust website, paid media, social media, email marketing, media and influencer relations including press trips, print and online magazines that collectively promotes the region’s lifestyle and attractions. 

Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council (FLRTC)
Through financial support of the Finger Lakes Regional Tourism Council (FLRTC), the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce participates in I LOVE NY and Market NY regional matching grant programs. This collaboration of fourteen Counties that comprise the New York State designation - Finger Lakes Tourism region leverages group marketing strategies for public relations, promotion of regional events, festivals and cooperative initiatives that provide national exposure to our community. 

Finger Lakes Farm Country (FLFC)
The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce participates in the regional five-county agritourism program, Finger Lakes Farm Country. By combining agriculture and tourism to promote the abundance of agricultural resources in the southern Finger Lakes. this program is designed to create a memorable brand for agritourism attractions and businesses in the area while showcasing educational and recreational activities for visitors to the region. Members may be included in the FLFC app which enables users to add events, attractions, and tours to customizable itineraries. 

Wine, Water and Wonders (WWW)
The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce is a member of Wine, Water and Wonders of New York State, a marketing destination company, providing marketing opportunities that increase international awareness and business potential for our region. Investing in WWW provides our region with an affordable international marketing strategy that will increase our visibility as a tourism destination by leveraging their international network and experience. 

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