Craft Beverages

Though historically we are much more well known for our wines, our nascent craft beer industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with more brewery tasting rooms in Schuyler County than ever before! From unique seasonal brews to rotating lists of lagers, ales, sours, saisons, stouts, or a Kolsch - the craft beer industry is exploding in our region - come and have a taste. Click here to browse many of the craft breweries in our area.

Hard cider is another emerging craft beverage. It actually has a history that is just as long as winemaking in the Finger Lakes, and in fact, hard cider is the oldest craft beverage in America. A drive through our rolling hills uncovers old, abandoned orchards but over the past ten years or so, the industry has experienced a major resurgence and revival, resulting in a number of new tasting rooms and opportunities to sample hard ciders. Cider has unique flavor profiles and characteristics; it may be still or sparkling; and it can even be aged - similar to wine! Here in Schuyler County, we have a number of craft cider producers. Click here to find out where to go for a taste!

If you are in Watkins Glen or nearby, and you're not sure where to begin, we suggest a stop at Graft Wine + Cider Bar in downtown Watkins Glen, where you can sample a flight of ciders, and other beverages, from across New York State. Or, up the street from Graft is Seneca Cheese Company, an artisanal cheese tavern featuring an ever-rotating selection of regional cheeses and beverages. While only a handful of blocks south is Wright's Beverages, a retail shop that consistently stocks an excellent variety of regional products including beer, wine, distilled spirits, and hard cider. The expert staff at these locations can guide you through their extensive and unique offerings.

Craft Your Adventure


craft your adventureCraft Your Adventure is a self-guided beverage trail celebrating the exceptional craftsmanship found in each glass and growler throughout the southern Finger Lakes. We invite you to Craft Your Adventure by sipping your way through some amazing brews, hard ciders, and spirits as you explore the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region, take in our local culture, and learn about our rich heritage. Download the mobile app so your can plan on the go. Download the brochure here and hit the ground tasting! 

Craft Beverages

Though historically we are much more well known for our wines, our nascent craft beer industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with more...

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