Hard Cider

Though the Finger Lakes is well known for its wines, apple growing and crafting hard cider, both enjoy a long history that is at least as long as grape growing and winemaking. In fact, cider is the oldest craft beverage in America. While a drive through our rolling hills can sometimes uncover old, abandoned orchards, over the past decade the industry has experienced a major revival, resulting in a number of new orchards and tasting rooms providing residents and visitors alike the opportunity to sample our many different hard ciders. Like wine, ciders boast their own unique flavor profiles and characteristics. Hard cider can be still or sparkling, and it can even be aged just like with wine! Here in Schuyler County, we have a number of craft cider producers. Click here to find out where to head for a taste of local craft ciders!

If you are in Watkins Glen or nearby, and you're not sure where to begin, we suggest a stop at Graft Wine + Cider Bar, or Seneca Cheese Company, both purveyors of delicious, locally-sourced food and beverages, in downtown Watkins Glen, where you can sample a flight of ciders from across New York State. Their expert staff can guide you through their extensive and unique offerings.

Wineries & Wine

With an incredible concentration of award-winning wineries, there is endless diversity to be found amongst our county's hundreds of different wines, whether you prefer dry,...

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